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    CERVIS Customer Support

    Hello Mark,

    At CERVIS, we take the security and privacy of volunteer information very seriously. When a volunteer trusts us with their valuable personal information, we make every attempt to ensure the security and privacy of that information. As such, the default password policies in place for CERVIS are in line with industry standard best practices for the security of personal information. If you wish to decrease the level at which the volunteer data in your account is protected, you can do so at any time by updating the password policies located in your System Configuration.

    Under the Security & Privacy Settings section of your System Configuration, you can change the “Number of Passwords Remembered” to 0, so you can use any password regardless if you have used it previously. You can also change other password requirements such as the length of time after which you are required to change it (Password Change Interval), as well as the length and complexity level required for both your staff and your volunteers.

    In the future, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by emailing support@cervistech.com and we will gladly answer any questions that you have about our CERVIS software.

    Warm Regards,

    CERVIS Customer Support

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