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    Colin Chubachi - The Mustard Seed (A30106)

    I think this is a great feature request but also opens up a can of worms regarding how CERVIS is displayed for different organizations. Many websites are using iFrames which seems to be an old technology and doesn't allow for the mobile display of a webpage. If volunteers are being sent a direct link to CERVIS, then it would be possible.

    I would also love to see a mobile app (iOS!) developed so that volunteers could log into their profiles, search for their organization, and manage their profiles. This would be a LOT of work for CERVIS but would really up their credibility in the Volunteer Software world.

    So yeah. Start with a mobile website, lose the iFrames, and work on an app for later.

    (Please note, I may not have all my facts straight. I'm only a wannabe web designer/app developer/software engineer.)

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